Vancouver Whimsical Forest Wedding

Vintage western aesthetic couple are barefoot in the moss for a forest fairy feel

Hey friends, I am so excited to share this Vancouver whimsical forest wedding I had the pleasure of being a part of. Picture this: the bride and groom barefoot in the moss, surrounded by tall trees and twinkling string lights. It was truly a fairy tale! Not to mention the laughter these two share with each other. It was so sweet to witness! The ceremony was hosted by a friend of the couple that made the intimate ceremony so special!

What made this wedding day even more unique was the bride designing and making her own dress. It perfectly captured her personality! She wanted a forest fairy feeling and it definitely delivered! The whole day felt so natural and authentically them!

Being able to document such a heartfelt ceremony in such a beautiful setting reminded me why I love what I do. The warmth and connection between the bride and groom was palpable, and it was an honour to be able to capture those moments for them to cherish forever. Here’s to more magical forest weddings and capturing those joyful, intimate moments together!

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