Tofino Couple Photographer Surfing Adventure

Tofino couple photographer surfing adventure under the moon on Long Beach

As a Tofino couple photographer, this surf adventure session was my absolute dream! I met these two surfers on Long Beach during golden hour for the dreamiest session. While the evening sun was shining, the tide was crashing on the shore, creating a calm moment of serenity. Before suiting up, we made the most of our early evening on the beach, dipping our toes into the cool water. Next, with wetsuits on and surf boards waxed, the two surfers headed for the ocean. The sun was glistening perfectly through the trees as the surfers walked toward the water and paddled off to find some waves. We were in luck as the waves coming in were perfect for a casual surf!

Soon after the sun had set, the moon rose above us, creating the most magnificent pink and purple backdrop. This colourful lighting made for the perfect evening session! These two are Tofino locals and live the dream being able to surf nearly all year round. It was an absolute pleasure capturing them in their element! They were even able to catch some waves alongside each other, something that they might not usually do. This caused some serious laughter out on the water! Finally, the sky was deepening in its blues and the two surfers paddled into shore. To finish off the day, they took a slow stroll along the beach under the glowing moonlight. During this walk the couple shared a romantic kiss under the stars, looking out toward the ocean where they share many of their fondest memories.

This was such a magical evening session and an incredible date night if you ask me!

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