Tiny Home Adventure | Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island tiny home adventure session couple sitting on the front porch

Kevin grew up on a farm in Parksville and from a young age was interested in creating, it only seemed natural for him to build his very own tiny home on the land in Vancouver Island. Hannah met Kevin while they were both working farm stands selling produce at a local farmers market. Only to then realize they were living on neighbouring farms. They both live adventurous lives filled with giving back to the earth and exploring the beautiful lands they call home! They had an instant connection! After spending a couple of years long distance as Hannah continued her soil studies in Vancouver and Kevin growing his farrier business on the island they now both reside in the tiny home. We wanted to pay tribute to their simple, natural and joy-filled way of life on the island! As we cuddled at home, explored a nearby waterfall (and jumped in!) I couldn’t help but be in awe of their lifestyle and their love for each other! Having known Hannah for many years it was such an immeasurable pleasure to see how they have both grown together and created such a wonderful life together. Bring on the adventures!

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