Murrin Lake Hiking Engagement Photos

Hiking engagement photos at Murrin Lake lookout

These two love the outdoors and it only made sense to incorporate some of Vancouver’s natural beauty in their engagement photos! So, we head out to Murrin Lake for a hiking engagement session! Murrin Lake is a gem of a spot right before Squamish. It has stunning views over the Howe Sound and Sea to Sky highway! Personally, I love when we can bring a piece of who you are as a couple into your session and this evening was an absolute blast! We just so happened to plan it for a super hot day on the coast so the hike up was a sweaty one! Even though this Squamish hike is only about 2km, don’t let that fool you! There is some quick elevation gain to get you to the beautiful lookout point!

Once we were at the top, they changed into something a little less sweaty and we opened one of their favourite bottles of wine! My my my, it was tasty! We spent the evening running barefoot across the rocks, setting up a picnic blanket to sip wine and watching the sky change into lovely pink and blue hues. It was stunning. The effort to reward ration here is A+. More hiking engagement sessions? Yes please!

Couple hikes up to Jurassic Ridge at Murrin Lake

View of the Howe Sound from jurassic ridge at Murrin Lake

Barefoot engagement photos at sunset on a Squamish Hike

Couple running barefoot at sunset in Squamish

Sunset engagement photos in Squamish

Sunset engagement photos at Murrin Lake

Picnic setup at Murrin Lake for engagement photos

Engagement photos at Murrin Lake lookout over the howe sound

Candid moments during hiking engagement session

Engagement ring in back and white with the sea to sky mountains in the background

Couple share a moment at sunset with the howe sound behind them

Lifestyle engagement photos at Murrin Lake at sunset

Murrin Lake hiking engagement photos with couple lying on a blanket at sunset

Engagement couple at sunset at Murrin Lake lookout

Squamish engagement photos at sunset

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