Maternity Photos in Nanaimo

Sunset maternity photos in the ocean in Nanaimo

Hey friend! You’re not going to believe the sunset maternity photos I got to shoot in Nanaimo recently. It was absolutely magical! The mom-to-be was glowing, and she had the brilliant idea of getting into the water for some shots. I love that we started this session off with the entire family and then we dropped their toddler off at home. Afterwards, got to enjoy the sunset together and a swim as the sun dipped behind the mountains!

The soft, warm light of the setting sun illuminated her perfectly, and the water added an extra element of tranquility to the photos. I love when my clients come up with their own ideas for shots – it always leads to the most candid and genuine moments. Especially when that idea that involves swimming in the ocean!

I truly believe that the best photos are the ones that capture people in their most natural state, and this sunset maternity session was a perfect example of that. The love and excitement this mom had for her growing baby were palpable, and I feel so honoured to have been able to freeze these special moments in time forever. Can’t wait for the next session!

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