Marrakech Morocco Destination Session

As a destination wedding and couple photographer, Marrakech, and Morocco as a whole is a dream to travel through! The vivid colours, textures and history of the medina in Marrakech that I explored with Misha + Chantal are incredible! These two were travelling to Morocco from Denmark and are absolute gems! We met in a main part of the square on a warm and sunny day in January. We took off to find some sweet light streaming in through the windows and cracks in the markets ceiling. Everywhere you look there is something interesting to find, whether it’s intricate leather work, basket weaving, leather dying, shoe repairs, motorbikes wizzing past you in the small alleyways, it is a uniquely beautiful experience.

As a destination photographer, I love getting to meet new people in new parts of the world and capture their memories! One of my personal favourite things to do is sit down with a past travel book and relive the memories. I often find when I get back from a trip it is so easy to get back into the routine of life and forget what it felt like. Being able to have those tangible memories and run my fingers over the images, placing myself back in a specific place is so meaningful! To be able to relive the sounds, places and tastes is so wonderful. Then being able to create that for someone else, excites me so much!

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