Kelowna Picnic Engagement

This Kelowna picnic engagement session was an absolute blast! And, if you’re looking for ideas for your unique engagement session this is a must see! We drove up the mountain to find a tall grassy field that overlooks Kelowna and we found a beautiful spot – not to mention it was a stunner of an evening! Once we had arrived we laid out a picnic blanket and I admired the beautiful charcuterie board they had put together. I am an absolute cheese fanatic so this was amazing! We popped champagne – another favourite way of celebrating for me! Ate some cheese, fed each other grapes and took in the views! After some cheese had been thoroughly enjoyed we took in the views. Running around in the grassy fields and just having so much fun together! I love when the engagement sessions can be a date night (plus one haha) and just play together while also getting some super fun photos together! I believe this brings out an authentic version of this time in your lives together and it is just the best memories to have.

Let’s chat here about your unique engagement session ideas like a Kelowna picnic engagement!


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