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Couple walking in UBC Farm forest after their intimate wedding by Abigail Eveline
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  • What is your average price for a wedding day?

    An average investment in Abigail Eveline Photography's wedding packages is around $4600. Although, I have varying packages and would love to hear more about your vision!

    Elopement packages start at $1650 for 2 hours.

  • You are based in British Columbia, Canada - Will you travel for my destination wedding?

    Absolutely! One of my favourite things to do is travel and I travel internationally throughout the year. I would love to talk more about creating a personalized package for your day!

    Some places I am really excited about are:
    -South Africa
    -Isle of Skye
    -Roatan, Honduras

  • What is your booking process?

    First of all, I am stoked! Like already counting down the days until we can create together. But before we get there I will send you off a contract + invoice (which also outlines the payment dates) to look over and once I have received the signed contract back from you along with a $1000 deposit (which for convenience for everyone I take by e-transfer) your date is booked! Then throughout the planning process I am just a call, text, email away with any questions or recommendations you may be looking for. I would love to assist in your vendor search or with your timeline - just ask away.

  • My partner and I feel really uncomfortable in front of the camera, can you help?

    I get you! Being in front of the camera when you're not used to it is uncomfortable! I like viewing my sessions as though we are just hanging out and taking some pictures together while we are at it! Whether this be in wedding attire, swim suits or lounging at home I just like to keep it laid back. I love when I can get to know what you value in your relationship so I can help create a space for intimate moments within our hangout or more goofy running down the beach kind of thing! I want you to feel yourselves when you look back at your images.

  • How long will it take for me to get my photos?

    It will be approximately 2-3 weeks for family/engagement photos and 8-12 weeks for your wedding photos. This depends mostly on when your wedding date lands. If you are having a spring wedding the chances are you will get your photos back a bit faster because there is simply less in the queue at that point. Late summer and fall weddings unfortunately have a longer processing time but feel free to shoot me a message and I can happily let you know where I am at with the gallery!

  • What happens if you get sick on my wedding day?

    I will try my best for this to never happen, obviously! But if it does I will let you know as soon as possible that I have found someone I trust immensely to fill in for the day and then they will give me the images to edit so that they are consistent with my style and with what you were expecting.

  • If I book a 6 hour package now and realize later on I need 8 hours can I add more?

    Absolutely! Once I have booked your date off I will not take any other work on that day. I totally get that 1 year before the day you won't have the exact timeline figured out yet. Once everything is close to finalized we will go over the timeline and make sure I am there to capture all the pieces of the day you value having me there for! No worries if things run later than expected on the day of that we didn't plan for, I am totally fine to extend the night should we need to.

  • Do we meet before the wedding day?

    I hope so! I love meeting all my couples before the wedding as I think this helps me to create more authentic imagery for you by understanding more of what you value as a couple and how you interact with each other. I think it is also awesome when we can shoot together before a wedding day as it allows you to feel more comfortable in front of the camera and what it is like shooting with me! With that being said sometimes it just isn't possible because of location or timing and I am happy to virtually meet over FaceTime, have a phone call or stick to emails/texting. Whatever you feel the most comfortable with!

  • Have you shot at our venue before and does that really matter?

    Feel free to search in the top search bar for your venue in my blog posts or send me a message to see if I have shot at your venue! I however do not think it is important for me to have shot there before. I LOVE scouting days or showing up to a wedding day early and exploring the new venue and all the beautiful locations it has to offer. I find it refreshes and excites me! I also plan my scouting days in the same season and at a similar time of day so that I can accurately see what the venue will look like on your day.