Best of 2019

Looking back over the last year and putting this ‘Best of 2019’ blog together I really took a step back and thought about what moments I wanted to emphasize in the ‘highlights’. Typically I would think, well the best portraits -obviously. But, going through all my images of the year I was drawn to so much more. Between the guest candids, dancing photos, ceremony moments and just moment that will leave a lasting emotionally impact beyond the portraits. Being a wedding photographer I think I have always struggled between making sure I get the perfect portrait during the wedding day and making sure I don’t push the day to be focused on basically one big photoshoot. I am so excited as I move forward into this next year and next season to focus even more on moments. I have new ideas brimming and I cannot wait to implement them into my business. I want to create a deeper sense of presence in such a fast and meaningful day.

So, this year we danced in the mountains, witnessed proposals in corn fields, laughed SO much, cried tears of joy, and celebrated with champagne pops. I spent the entire weekend camping with couples and took part in intimate lunches and everything in between. I travelled to Indonesia, all across southern BC, had multiple road trips through the USA and took a vacation in Sicily and Southern France. What a year! Not even going to get started on how it’s also the end of the decade…

Going to be popping a bottle to all my amazing couples this year! THANK YOU FOR BEING INCREDIBLE.

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