BC Ferries Adventure Session

Bc Ferries Adventure Session

Buckle up because this BC Ferries adventure session is a special one! Including ferry rides, red barn sandwiches, Mystic Beach, and so much goodness. We started the day in Vancouver, caught the ferry over to the island, grabbed lunch at Red Barn- ifykyk. Then we were off to Mystic Beach! I was there capturing all those candid, natural moments. From running in the waves, popping champagne and getting caught under the little waterfall. The warm sunlight added such a magical touch to the whole day!

We ran along the beach, played in the waves and set a timer on to catch the sunset ferry back home to Vancouver. We easily lost track of time in the beautiful scenery that is Mystic Beach and had to race back to the car. Luckily we made it back to the BC ferries terminal just in time! Once we boarded, the adventures didn’t stop! The views of the ocean at golden hour were absolutely breathtaking. From exploring all the port holes on the car decks to the views from the upper decks it was so unique! Definitely a romantic and memorable experience for all of us.

I love moments like these, where I get to capture the genuine love and connection between people in such beautiful and natural settings. It’s moments like these that make me love what I do as a photographer. Can’t wait for the next BC Ferries adventure!

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