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HI, i'm abigail

And this cutie is Willa. She is my beautiful goldendoodle who hates the car ride but loves the adventure! We are hikers, swimmers, road trippers, skiers, and in search of making small moments into adventurous memories. I am so excited you have come across my little part of the web and we are already dreaming up the places and memories we will make together! Bonus points if it includes being barefoot near the ocean!Β 

my approach

This may not be a surprise but, I spend a good amount of time looking back at photos of my own life. When I do, I am always drawn to the candid ones. The photos that make me feel a memory or a moment of the past. The candid, unposed laughter. The in-between moment of the sweetest side glance. A blissful run towards the ocean. Those are the kind of moments I value. Those are the kind of moments I want to capture for you! Family sessions, engagements, and a wedding day all capsulate a time in your lives! I want you to look back and be able to re-live these memories through captured moments. While I do give direction to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera (because it can feel intimidated- I get that!) I also want you to be free to move, be yourselves and get messy! For all my sessions I encourage you to infuse your personality! Going somewhere sentimental or bringing along your precious pup. Make it true to you and I will be there to capture all of that beauty!


I am a people person. I love making connections and having meaningful relationships.

I love sitting at home with a sweet smell diffusing while editing a good photo. I love travelling and experiencing crazy new adventures. I love the way music can make your head sway and your heart smile.

About Abigail Eveline
Vancouver Photographer Abigail Eveline

I love rainy days and waves crashing against the shore. I love laughing and the people that make me laugh.

I love big crowds of people and realizing the potential that each of them hold. I love quiet moments of reflection and simply listening to nature. I love sunshine and the sunset that will conclude the bright and cheery day.

About Vancouver Wedding Photographer Abigail Eveline
Vancouver Wedding Photographer Abigail Eveline

I love taking photos becauseΒ  capturing the beauty that lies within each of us excites me. Each with our unique passions and stories β€” savouring a piece of that is the spice of life, my friends.

i cannot wait for our stories to intertwine